Michelle Josey is an intermodal artist inquiring into creativity, innovation, and social change. Combining independent and participation methods, she explores into the concepts of complexity and interrelatedness using various forms of visual art, sound art, movement, and poetic writing. Her work has been exhibited in galleries, shows, and site specific performances. With seven years experience specializing in dynamic applications of visual art, music, dance, theatre, creative writing, she assists others in their creative expression goals; combining mindfulness practices with image making processes and design principles to explore into relationships between self, other, and environment.

I'm curious about nature's self-referential behavior and how it guides changes over time. Chaos and order co-exist. The paradoxical nature of life inspires play and practice with complexity as a concept for painting and understanding my world-ing. The interconnectivity of lines and color allow me to see more possibilities of what to illuminate on the canvas, a topographic map guiding the direction of the work. The images that emerge guide the work into completion. 


RAW Artist Showcase, “Reflect” | Austin, TX | 2019
Martha Pace Swift Gallery, “The Swift: Looking to the Future” 10th Anniversary | San Diego | 2018
RAW Artist Showcase, “Magnify” | San Diego, CA | 2018
Martha Pace Swift Gallery, “Cadence + Complexity” | San Diego, CA | 2018
Blue Cadence, Original music production | Attuned Records & Michelle Josey | 2018
The Black Spot, “Holiday Oracle Festivus” | Del Mar, CA | 2017
White Box Live Arts, youTurn Arts presents “Punchy! Mutable! Truths?” | San Diego, CA | 2017
Martha Pace Swift Gallery, Recovering the Artist VI: A Show About Hope” | San Diego, CA | 2017 
Volunteers of America Newsletter, “Transcendence Through Creativity” | San Diego, CA | 2016
AjA Project, “Journey of Journey” Art Exhibit | San Diego, CA | 2014
City Beat, Documentary photography featured for “Songstream Project in City Heights” | San Diego, CA | 2014


Austin, TX based.